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10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Vince, please email me also for a copy of that DVD. I’m in Fla or I wouldn’t have missed it. My great grandfather owned a silk mill there. Thanks.

  2. Vince, great to see such a video on Paterson. I am a seventh generation Patersonian and this project as well as your others show the positive side of humanity in Paterson, of course including conflicts that present themselves in an industrial city. I would appreciate info on the DVD being sent to me as I am presently disabled and in Newark. Again I compliment you on this and your advisors as well (Ed Smyck is a great historian). Thanks again…

  3. Bongiorno Vince : I obtained a copy of your novel “Guardians of the Gate” and have begun to read it. I enjoy the topic very much, and hope to finish it later this week. I am employed by the Palisades Park, NJ School District. I am sure you know that Palisades Park is home to a very large Korean community. Working within the Pal Park High School, I have become aware of a huge influx of new students arriving from Guatemala. I don’t know if you realize the magnitude of this new wave of immigrants to our country. Many speak no English at all. Yet they are thrust into the “education mill” that exists. It is so inadequate to their new needs as recent arrivals to The United States. If this issue and this particular situation is of interest to you, I would be very interested in working with you on an ‘academic work’ on which I would follow your professional protocols for publishing, and on which I would request an acknowledgement and/or co-credit. I work first hand with many of these students and am friends with many of them : Marvin, Mario, Crisandra, Deifilia, et al. I like them very much and would like to help them. I must mention Freddy. He is from Guatemala, I’m not sure of his age, say 16, he doesn’t speak much because he knows little English, but I can tell that he is a good kid, intelligent and with abilities. He is also only about 5ft2in. but he has presence. The first time I met him was last spring when I covered classes for the ESL teacher, Mrs. White, who was absent for two weeks. She is nearing retirement and (I’m just guessing) using up her accumulated sick days. And that is another aspect of the deficiencies in the existing education system. In my opinion new arrivals to this country who speak no English should receive “intensive instruction” designed to get them up to speed in the most efficient way. I saw Freddy most recently in one of the computer tech classes. I walked around the classroom that day and asked all the students who were not actively engaged in school work, if they would cast a vote for PGL. Although he has intelligence, he had no idea how to operate the computer. The education systems in this country are so messed up, that is the reason why I essentially had to leave full-time teaching. Anyway,through these students we would be able to reach their parents, family members, and their personal experiences that resulted in them living in Palisades Park, New Jersey, 07650, United States. It could be a great acedemic study, perhaps in the Spring. What do you think Vince ? Sincerely, your assistant director, Mick

  4. Thanks, Mick. I agree with your comments regarding new immigrants, young and old, and, yes, I am aware of the many Central Americans settling in northern New Jersey. Your project proposal sounds interesting and I hope someone does it. I can’t, however, as I have numerous writing commitments for the next two years. Whew!

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